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Technology and future: an enrichment or a detachment from reality?

Technology, with all the innovations it entails, is increasingly at the centre of our future. Digitisation, for example, is changing our way of being part of the society. Smartphones, social media, blogs and apps are only tools, but they have the power to change our behaviors and our relationship with reality; not always in a negative way, how the apocalyptics would have us believe. Technology is the engine of the future, and the social changes of the coming years depend only on our ability to handle and manage it .

Technology, social media and the creation of deeper relationships

In the era of social media and technology, instant gratification is a crucial point. A compulsive need. In fact, over the years we have unconsciously lost the ability to wait, the desire to savor the wait and all those social mechanisms that lie behind it. Now it’s all a hic et nunc, to say it in Latin . Our desires must be immediately satisfied, because now we are used to it. But the most important things in our life, such as love, friendship, relationship stability, job gratification, and trust in others need time to form. Misunderstandings and reconnections. Moments of sharing. Because speed only leads to a deterioration of all this.

Personal relationships need slowness. They are complicated processes that need sacrifice and patience. These aspects must be learned especially by young people because social media and technology have generally made them believe that everything can be achieved, it is enough to have the necessary will. But is not so. Life, bonds and relationships must be built. Hence, a rethinking of these technological tools is needed; that is, to begin to conceive them as a perfect element to bring people together but not as substitutive parts of primary social mechanisms.

But the faults can not be addressed only to the new generations. It’s the system, both economic and social, that has based everything on results and immediate gratifications rather than on the awareness that to achieve results and satisfactions we need commitment, determination and above all time. Just that time that today frightens us, but that instead must return to be considered a crucial resource.

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