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Time is out of Joint: an innovative exhibition

Overcoming the classic approach to art history and opening to new perspectives, a new way of understanding art: Time is Out of Joint shows up to the public with these premises. An exhbition conceived by Cristiana Collu, director of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, in collaboration with Sandretto Cincinelli and the Scientific College of the Gallery. It is a challenge to artistic classicism that will allow us to review exhibitions and  museums in a modern and experiential way.

Time is out of Joint and the museum becoming a living space

The museum has always been a place where visitors are mere spectators. With Time is Out of Joint all is different. The museum becomes a living space, a place where visitors are placed at the center of the experience and where they can feel themselves as an integral part of the project. Spatial conception and perspective become the heart of this exhibition: 40 halls, divided into 4 areas, and 500 works will “engage” in an innovative way. It will be possible to see, for example, a Klimt’s work that “binds” to Duchamp or a Kandinsky’s work that opens up to a contemporary installation. Everything in the sign of perspective. Sandretto Cincinelli has defined Time is Out of Joint as a “kaleidoscopic reading of art history“. This is actually the aim: reinterpreting art according to new ideas and new experiences to make it more “human”.

The museum, therefore, is no longer a passive space dedicated only to admire and decant the praises of exhibitors, but it becomes an active place thanks to a different organization of space and an innovative set-up. Museum becomes an open space where everything is interrelated and interchangeable, where each work can be “contaminated” from the others, where works can give rise to what has never been.

The exbition can be visited at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Via delle Belle Arti 131 – Rome, until 15th April 2018. The opening hours are: Tuesday to Sunday 8:30 am to 7:30 pm (Last entry at 6:45 pm). Closed on: Monday.

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