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The nostalgia and the beauty of passing time

Nostalgia as a profound moment that flips, rereads our past and makes it alive again. So we should approach this state of mind, without charging it with negative facets and imagine that the returning past is just a nightmare or something to escape. Nostalgia is something different, it’s a step higher up: there’s love for life, but above all for what it was. There’s love for memories, for the places of our childhood, for the faces, the objects and the flavours that accompanied our existence. It is a recall of the past that becomes beautiful. Or at least it should be.

Nostalgia and depression as two different moods

Nostalgia looks at the passing time as a resource, as something to be told and handed down. Moments to cling to and find beauty and serenity. Depression, on the other hand, misses this point and looks at the past as an obstacle to present life and to our aspirations for the future. A past that returns and erases everything. An almost total block of which our mind can not free itself : life is over, hope is not seen and the future will not be there. The doors of life seems to be permanently closed and the past seems to take away everything.

We all must learn to live with the passing of time and with our past. We have to keep it  as a precious jewel and take care of it because it tells us what we are, where we come from, but above all who we are. The past is a patina that covers our memories but through the nostalgia this outer layer is put aside and a new, different sense of  reality is built. Let’s recover our memories, to propose them again and use them even as a guide. Because nostalgia is a positive feeling and allows us to keep in touch with our past.

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