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The signs of vanity adjustments: the denial of naturalness

Signs are a synonimum for veracity and real existence. Only signs dictacted by the flow of time are proof of what we have experienced, emotions and disappointments that opened our eyes and broke our heart.

Truth in our life shows itself through signs, that are  a symbol of naturalness and can mark up our spirit and our soul. In many cases people want to get over them and try to hide them.  Some people want to cancel the time that has passed and  create a whiff of eternal youth, but time can never be stopped.

Retouching changes the connotations, it modifies the context and it brings out an unnatural side of people and things. In some cases it doesn’t suit the precious conformation. A loud example of it is the case of Steve McCurry’s photo in the Palace of Venaria, on display in this wonderful building in the past months. An episode that arouse many critical comments among visitors and insiders: many were incredulous that one of the best photographer in the world made a so crass mistake.

A road sign in the picture misses the bottom, shifted by a few inches and merged with a pedestrian passing by. This visual nonsense cannot be overlooked by this kind of soft eyes used to pick up the perfect moments and emotions of an image.

Naturalness, in this case, disappears and gives the way to approximation and manipulation: concepts that do not comply with the values of time and its flow. So retouching becomes an anachronistic representation of reality.

Because time and reality are such only if they are genuine, not modified or planned. Time is authenticity, veracity and objectivity. Time is change; it is the present aiming toward the future, carrying the heritage of the past. Time is stratification of moments, encounters, places, experiences. Time is a challenge to face with strength and the aspiration toward eternity.

Obviously without tweaks.


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