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Tattoos reveal our personality

Tattoos tell a lot about us and our personality, they are signs of our expectations, of our history and our experiences. They sometimes represent our hidden dreams. Tattoos for many people are merely a sign of mass homologation or of transgression, but actually they are only a way of affirming individuality and telling to the world a little bit about us and what we have experienced in our life. The will to mark the body has deep roots, it is not a fashion-related trend. The pursuit of one’s own identity is shrouded behind a tattoo, sometimes also the attempt to overcome a critical moment or a simple desire to communicate something.

Tattoos, psychology and their meaning

Every tattoo has its meaning, there is no point in hiding it. Some years ago “Tattoo Psychology” was born, with the aim of analyzing the character of people based on the signs marked on their skin. The chosen part of the body and the design are elements of expression of the people’s subconscious. Deciding to tattoo the left part of the body, for example, is typical of people with a lack of self confidence, while the right part is usually representative of people open to change and with a solar character.

Leave a mark on the trunk of the body express the concretness and decision-making capabilities, while on arms they show a maturing stage in progress. Tattoos on legs are the expression of childish people. If tattoos are marked on areas that are often hidden to the eyes of the others, this means that the person is shy and unsure. There is also a distinction based on gender: in fact men prefer to mark their own back, shoulders and arms, especially on the right side, while women choose small tattoos on ankles and wrists.

Tattoos for many young people are also a sort of rite of passage, something that allows them to be accepted from their contemporaries, because during the “marking” pain could be terrible. But not only, in fact tattoo sometimes become a messagge to the  world outside: someone wants to show the sexual and passionate maturity of his/her body. Tattoo is a sign of distinction, a symbol of our uniqueness, however you look at it. No homologation, no standardization.


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