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The oenologist of Biondi Santi: Paolo Vagaggini

When we talk about Italian wine, one of the first region that comes to our mind is Tuscany, of course. A millennial tradition of excellence and quality now carried forward by highly competent and qualified oenologists, including Paolo Vagaggini. Sienese, he was born in 1955, and he is a “son of art” because his father was an esteemed agronomist. Vagaggini is now working with some of the most renowned farms in Montalcino and the surrounding area. And more, the passion for the world of wine has led him to collaborate with the Faculty of Oenology of the University of Bordeaux, specifically with Professor Yves Glories, in order to apply their knowledge to Sangiovese. In addition to this, along with his wife Bernardetta, he runs the family business, Amantis of Castel del Piano.

Paolo Vagaggini and the “Tuscan triangle”

Paolo Vagaggini was appointed, in 2013, among the top five wine makers in the world by the Wine Star Award, considered one of the most important awards in the wine sector. The motivation for this nomination was: ” Vagaggini is one of  most important Sangiovese experts in the world and he collaborates with companies such as  Biondi Santi, Eredi Fuligni and Poggio Antico“. His career and his studies have led him to attend, visit and know some of the most renowned wine areas, like Provence, Spain and Southern Italy, but the “Tuscan Traingle” has always been his center. Chianti Classico, Montepulciano and Montalcino: this is his area. Because Tuscany is his own territory and through his work he tries to promote it around the world and to communicate the excellence of its great red wines.

Red wines that have a name and a surname, if we may say so. In fact Paolo Vagaggini is a consultant, within the Montalcino area, for Tenuta il Greppo di Franco Biondi Santi, which has made the history of Brunello, for Eredi Fuligni and for Castello di Romitorio. Not only successful companies, in fact Vagaggini’s work, over the years, moved on emerging vineyards like  Tenuta Valdipiatta di Caporali e Salcheto

So, an extraodinary figure in the service of his land that with commitment and dedication brings the excellence of “Tuscan wines” all over the world. A mission which has led him not to accept collaborative proposals from the other areas of red wine production in the world, such as Argentina, Chile and California. Because the appeal and the passion for his own territory is still too strong.


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