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Signs and Inner Strength: the case of Lucia Annibali

Signs have something unexpectedly magic inside, as they can be the results of choices or memories. Signs inherited by the passing of time prove our way of life and remind us our past. They are the evident proof of our existence.

Every day we may perceive on our skin the beauty, but also the nostalgia, of time passing that changes our personality in a special, even unique, way.

Our hands and legs, any part of our body, tell outside who we are through signs, with elegance, without shame or common reticence.  They simply tell our story, nothing else.

Not always this heritage of signs is positive. It is the case of the lawyer Lucia Annibali from Urbino when in 2013 sulphoric acid was hurled over her in a trap organized by her former boyfriend Luca Varani in front of her house.  Someone else chose for her the marks of surgeries and pain.

These are not signs of time, but something totally different …

Time in this case is not the matter. Here something different comes into play and it is something that men hardly understand: human irrationality and inability to accept a rejection of their partner.

It has been an illogical gesture that forced a career girl to go back over her life and start again showing an unexpected but necessary inner strength. Laughing again and getting back to a normal life after such a brutal slash has not been easy, also because people tend firstly to look sympathetically at you and then to consider you as an  “odd” person, just because you are different from habitual standards.

Signs may be a symbol of hope for someone else, even if a negative matter has caused them. Over time, Lucia has become the emblem of violence against women and many people cling on to her in times of troubles. She published a book “Io ci sono, Una storia di non amore” going back over her story and reviewing feelings and sufferings.

Lucia would certainly have preferred not to become this emblem. Indeed, it has done justice to her and it has given her an inner strength avoiding that she could lose heart or fall apart. She is now no longer fragile but determinate to face the life with courage.

As extraordinary evidence, her story shows that each sign tells our choices and our past. Each sign is a trace that holds a memory, an image and an emotion.
Signs make us unique, special persons.

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