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The signs of time on changing communication

Communication is certainly the most advanced human ability.  Human beings have always communicated: at the beginning only by word of mouth, then also with written papers and now with modern means, as smartphones and social networks. In between a lot of innovations, technologies but above all a language which has changed over time. We communicate quickly, in an instant hundreds of messages are written and thousands of mails are sent: all it’s easier, more immediate.

Technology and communication between flaws and virtues

Writing speed changed ways and means of communication: we increasingly use abbreviations, emoticons and punctuation marks instead of concepts too long to be described in words. This is an habit that is slowly changing also information and journalism, two sectors that instead should particularly focus on the in-depth analysis and the correct use of the vocabulary.

In regard to journalism and information, the times when newspapers were the most authoritative media seem so far away. Now they appear just like an object for nostalgic people. As proved by the decrease in sales. Information, but  in general communication, is increasingly digital: also analogical media, as television and radio, are adapting to this trend and they are offering contents through Web. And so, along with development of social network as Facebook and Twitter, news consumption has increased. Technology, we want to repeat it, is absolutely not  a modern evil, actually it allowed the “democratisation of communication

In all of this there are also certain risks. Have you never heard of fake news? In the vast reaches of digital messages it’s possibile to find  some destabilishing and patently false news that are told in details, with the sole aim of confusing public opinion on various issues, above all immigration and politics. The first flaw is right there, in an advancing technology that is not followed by a proper digital culture.

The primary concern of our society should be to instruct young and older people to handle that amount of information, to verify it and not to passively indulge it. A new culture of communication to be built and to be pursued firmly: that’s where the future is being played out. Human beings will never stop to communicate, so the sooner we get started the better.

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