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Beauty is not hiding your past

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart“, so wrote Kahlil Gibran in “The Prophet“, a collection of poetry edited in 1923. Even after many years this is still a hot topic because perfection of aestethics is surely impressive and pleasing, but what really excites is actually the fascination of  time passing and the  personal nature of the subject: two elemets that make everything unique. Whether it is an object or a person.

After all, time leaves a veener, gives us a glimpse of its signs and everything becomes life and history. It’s like a book where the end has not been written yet. And our way of being, within this path, fits perfectly: time affects but in many cases we deny these effects and we believe ourself to be eternal, without realizing that actually we are not.

Beauty is also in our past

The passing of time is scary. Signs, experiences, but also discomforts and abandonments: all elements that redefine a person and mark both physical appearance and character. Censuring and trying to hide them with some makeup or retouch makes it sad and patinated. Without soul and expressivity. In our nature and in our imperfections we find uncertainties, errors and fragility, namely all that distinguishes us from the others. Perfection, therefore, only affects at first glance. Those who can look beyond capture an emotion in imperfection and in pleasant defects. Something special and interesting.

Each of us must be proud of his way of being and his imperfections. These are our signs, this is the life we have lived that is somehow told to the others and opened to the world. There is little point in hiding all this, except to seem unnatural and stereotyped.


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