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To accept time passing does not mean to resign oneself

The first signs of time passing can scare everyone. It just happens and it will happen again, but there’s no reason to be discouraged: the life goes by, the years pass and stick upon us. One more wrinkle, your hair becoming white and your strenght is not what it used to be. All things that we have to accept with serenity and joy, leaving aside melancholy and discomfort: this is the recipe for better living and being happier. Even when we get older.

Time passes and experiences accumulate

This is life: a magical plot of exterior and interior signs left over by time. The first ones concern our body and our health conditions and they are extremely  difficult to accept because we see them everytime we look in the mirror, while the others are moments that we have lived and let us become who we are today and who we will be tomorrow. All this becomes integral part of our being. This is experience, a set of knowledge and attitudes learned depending on what life has made us face.

Why should we deny or even forget what it has been? It doesn’t matter if signs change us or if our past still hurt us. We have only one chance: to put all this on use, to evolve and to make the best of every situation. Being proactive and positive, only this gives us the strenght to go on. Losing hope in the future and living in solitary is the the biggest mistake a person can make.

Every stage of life should be lived to the fullest. Old age is certainly a beautiful one, a stage in which it’s possibile to dispense virtue and wisdom and to cheer up the others with stories about life. The amazement of a child looking at his grandfather while he tells him incredible stories about life is a wonderful image. Why should we let go of this?


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