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Tulsi and the education to Italian excellence

Consumer needs to be educated to Italian excellence; and in our work we’re really trying to do our best everyday. We want to make products that tell a story of tradition and, specifically, excellence, not simply beautiful accessories. Products coming out from our lab must be capable of living a life of their own: vegetable-tanned leather  fits perfectly with our mission. A raw material that absorbs, lives and breathes time.

That’s why we are really proud to be counter-current compared to a global market that prefers a fast and anonymous production. We choose raw materials that preserve knowledge and sensitivity, unique traits exalted by timeless procedures and that are destinated to remain. You can call us “old-fashioned” but we think that Made in Italy processes are still a guarantee of excellent craftmanship.

Excellence becomes identity

The use of vegetable-tanned leather is an important part of our identity – say Luca and Valentina, the owners of Tulsi – a characteristic to highlight and show proudly, in Italy but also all over the world. We are delighted to collaborate with Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium and its associated tanneries because their family management allows us to know faces, hands and passion set on the processing of each leather

Limited chromatic palette to emphasize the naturalness of tanning with vegetable extracts; natural colors that enhance the characteristics of vegetable-tanned leather. And once the choice of raw materials is made, the handmaking process starts  in our laboratory until the product is finished and  ready to be delivered. We want to create small luxury items that reflect our philosophy: creative innovation  respecting the values of traditional making.

We handle needle and thread to create details that cannot be imitated by a mass production. We decided to go back to hand-cut, brush edging and drilling: processes that allow us to work with people who can guarantee  the inimitable Italian quality all over the world.

We, at Tulsi, believe that choosing to meet our traditional know-how is what distingueshes us


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