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Vespa World Days

18-20 April 2024, Pontedera – Pisa

Vespa enthusiasts from all over the world celebrated Vespa World Days as every year. This year, for the first time, the event was held in Pontedera, city in which started the myth of Vespa. Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather decided to support this event and pay homage to this iconic scooter, but how?

Vespa World Days

Vespa World Days is an annual rally and gathers enthusiasts of the most beloved scooter of the world.

This meeting is tradition and passion which has been going on for many years joining passion, community feelings and entertainment.

The first edition, called Eurovespa, goes back to 1954 in Paris and from there Vespa World Days takes place in different locations and continents, spreading more and more love and passion both for Vespa and Made In Italy feelings.

Vespa: the birth

Vespa is so iconic, and Moma of New York, the temple of the modern art, has decided to give a place of honor in its permanent exposition to Vespa GS150 designed by Corradino D’Ascanio in 1955.

At the age, Enrico Piaggio was determinend to invest in an innovative project and he chose Corradino D’Ascanio, an aeronautical designer who hated motorcycles. So why Piaggio chose D’Ascanio?

D’Ascanio was a visonary: thanks to him we have the first prototype of the contemporary helicopter and for Enrico Piaggio himself he seemed to be the right person.Choice was driven by the engineer’s total dinstance from the two-wheeled world and beyond the expectations, it was Corradino himself who gave life to Vespa: the myth we all know today.

About the Project

Corradino D’Ascanio set up the project by joining design and technique. His own background from aeronautical engineering inspired him to create an aircraft landing gear similar suspensions, and he also created an engine with the aircraft starter motors mechanism. He also wanted to improve usability and find an innovative solution for its design: D’Ascanio decided to change all of the things he hated about motorcycles trying to making driving enjoyable. Vespa has a comfortable drive position, inspired by the sitting of the armchair; shifters on the handlebars; he added a spare wheel and he covered engine with a recycle aircraft parts no longer needed after the end of first World War.

When Enrico Piaggio saw the project for the first time said: ”It seems to be a wasp!” (wasp, ita: vespa). And Vespa it was.

Vespa project was patented on 23rd April 1946 and from that moment all of the Piaggio Factories in Pontedera has never stopped to produce pieces and news models of this iconic two-wheels.

Since there, Vespa has been representing italian genius, joined to innovation and Made In Italy design.

So Iconic

Vespa has made for everyone, and belongs to everyone, it’s colorful and it is a symbol of free-time, happiness, tradition, levity and creativity.

Right in Pontedera, Vespa deserved its own museum: Piaggio Museum has been inaugurated in 2000 right in the premises of the former tool workshops. Museum was born in on of the oldest and most fascinating buildings of the industrial complex of Pontedera, where Piaggio Company established its production starting from the early 1920s.

Today Piaggio Museum is the biggest italian museum about two-wheels world, and it is a real jewel for all the Vespa enthusiasts.

On the occasion of Vespa World Days, Museo Piaggio also celebrated its birthday with its 140 years-old – the Tuscan Company has founded in 1884– and hosts ”Vespa All Over the World” exhibition, and its Piaggio historical archive which tells the story about Vespa during its golden age, from 1940s to 1960s.

Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium

Thanks to the Municipality of San Miniato, together with Ponte a Egola’s Tanners Consortium, Real Leather Consortium, Essebi upholstery, Pontedera Vespa Club and San Miniato Vespa Club we made a Special Vespa.

Finished in Vegetable Tanned leather from our Consortium, paired with its helmet, the Vespa was made and sewn by hand, in all of its parts covered.

This has been a beautiful occasion for us, to celebrate this Vespa myth and above all pay homage to this prestigious product that represents -in the whole world- our beloved territory.