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Katie Piper and a love that bites

Love is essential in people’s lifes. You’re perpetually chasing for someone with whom you can share our own existence, laugh, jokes and create a family. A love which is able to fill up our life and lead it to the happiness.

Love stories have not always happy ending: sometimes they fails by choice, in other cases the time bothers the sentiment and leads the story to the breakup. A breakup that often is a consesual act and therefore there are no problems. But often, not always. In fact the case of Katie Piper, the English model that in March 2008 saw her world falls apart, is proof of that. This fact shows everyone how much a girl can be strong after a tragedy like that.

A world in which Katie would be a protagonist: successful model with a special career and a beloved woman. Only apparently, unfortunately. Because who punchs, rapes and entrust two accomplices to throw acid at his partner, he doesn’t really know the sense of the word “love” or “respect”. He’s not worth to be considered a “person”

Katie Piper’s ransom on life

Now, Katie Piper, after a large number of surgeries and eight years later, show the signs of this infamous and coward act, cmmitted by a person who said to love her. Now, she’s come back to be happy and to live a life with no problem about her physical appearance.

On Instagram, a few months ago, she wrote:

When I look in the mirror my scars no longer upset me, they just remind me I am stronger than the person who tried to hurt. We all have scars whether they are on the skin or the soul. Remember only those who survive wear scars. Next time you look in the mirror repeat to yourself I’m proud to be a survivor”

Her inner strenght, comparable to Lucia Annibali, did not just confine itself to this. In 2009 she finds the strenght to tell her own story in a documentary entitled: “Katie: My Beautiful Face“. Now she’s an anchor woman of a television show, writer’s of her autobiography which became a best-seller, worker of “Katie Piper Foundation“, but also and above all a mother of a child and a woman fall back in love. That was the most difficult achievement.

Because signs, for better or for worse, remain. Everything depends on how we accept them in our life and on how we are able to live with them and reboot ourselves. Everything depends on how we get a boost from that, without demeaning ourselves and moping. We alll know that isn’t at all easy but the important thing is to never give up. Never.

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