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Comics and traditions: Sergio Bonelli Editore

For Italian comics lovers there’s a name etched in history and tradition: Sergio Bonelli Editore. A publishing house established in the 40s that, throughout its long history, has created a lot of comic strip characters and stories that have accompanied many people from their childhood to their adulthood. They keep doing it. Everything is still made strictly by hand: digital exists, it is a reality, but the main part of the working process is still made using the typical tools of the tradition.

From a Milanese condo in Via Buonarroti, 38 their genius and creativity have reached the whole country and have gained their public’s heart. Tex, Zagor, Dylan Dog, Nathan Never, are just a few of the comic-book characters created under the guidance of Sergio Bonelli and his trusted collaborators. Stories in images that certainly thrilled a whole generation.

Sergio Bonelli Editore between past and future

Staying always on top and keeping the seed of creativity intact is no easy thing. It’s very easy to be caught up in the excitement after reaching the pinnacle of success. Sergio Bonelli Editore has been able to enjoy past victories, but it has been as well able to innovate continuously and to adapt to the market. A market that requires new ideas, but also stories that keep a connection with the past. A market that brought the publishing house to look beyond their own horizons and to enter the book market. A market that many people consider, for a variety of reasons, in a huge decline. Fortunately, every year, the number of sales denies every kind of predictions: an example is the success of Dragonero, a 296-page graphic novel.

Sergio Bonelli Editore is an Italian artistic excellence, an historic publishing house able to stand the push of time and of the crisis. And they still maintain contact with their public: no e-mails, only letters.

They can write stories that awoke our fantasy and that are able able to excite the readers who will have the fortune to read one of their wonderful novel.


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