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Artisan knowledge: a vanishing treasure

Artisan knowledge and Made in Italy have been for years the anchor of Italian economy: an enormous know-how that the whole world envied and continues to envies. A wealth of knowledge that many people tried to copy but every time with no success. The appeal of Made in Italy, after all,  has remained unchanged, but now there is a shortage of craftsmen, especially in looking towards the future. And this is the real challenge over the next few years.

Artisan knowledge is disappearing: a damage to Italian economy

Even today many people decide to start an artisan business and, despite the current economic situation, the results in most cases bode well. Jobs are scarse, especially for young people, but it is in craftmanship and in “manual knowledge” that there might be wide scope. Digitalisation, interconnection and perspectives drove more and more youngs  to disregard a difficult and patient job as the craftsman, whatever it is.

After a few years, however, attention seems to be back to craftsmen knowledge and artisan workshops. Of course not old-style workshops, but stores built in symbiosis with technology: all thanks to some private individuals who, long before the interest of public institutions, saw in this relaunch a way to recover a know-how that would otherwise be lost and a chance for the future of younger  generations. Brunello Cucinelli is only a first example with his “School of Arts and Crafts in Solomeo” where subjects as “tailoring”, “art of knitwear and textile” and “masonry”are still taught .

Losing our traditional artisan know-how and our sure sign of Italians would be an immeasurable loss for Italian economy. To ensure that this heritage is preserved over the years we have to do something now, starting from the institutions and the reorganization of the school system so that it allows young students to learn crafting and manual work, whatever the scope of its implementation is. And more: it would be useful to make available to craft workshops that hire young people, and to young people who intend to start their own business, funding or tax breaks. Because the best way to face the future is to be supported by your own story, tradition, and experience. Improving it and modernizing it, but without dispersing it.



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