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Fabiola Gianotti: an Italian woman at the head of CERN

Pizza, mafia and mandolin“: this is the stereotype mostly used to talk about Italy. Fortunately there are some figures that elevate, upgrade and give a different tone to our country, our beloved Italy: among these there is certainly Fabiola Gianotti, general manager of CERN in Geneva. She’s the first woman to hold this position but not the first Italian representative:  Carlo Rubbia and Luciano Maiani came before her.

Fifty seven years old but the enthusiasm of a first-time student: Fabiola Gianotti engaged with physics reading Marie Curie’s biography. A passion that continued with her experimental studies at the faculty of Physics at the University of Milan and now animate her day after day.

The present of CERN and the future of physics according to Fabiola Gianotti

The present of CERN, i.e. the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is certainly positive. The challenges launched in recent years are going forward with excellent results, both scientific and managerial. Higgs boson and antimatter are the two more attractive elements, if this is the right definition. Current studies are converging in this direction. The future of physiscs however appears more nebulous but certainly fascinating: despite studies, research and massive investments only 5% of the Universe is currently known, between dark matter and dark energy. Everything else is shrouded in mystery yet.

So much work to do, so many ideas to carry on but still a lot to explore. Because physics, according to Fabiola Gianotti, is an adventure, a subject that every day faces you with something unknown but that needs to be studied and analyzed to improve society and technology. A highly stimulating and exciting job connecting past discoveries to present ones with the aim to reach future solutions.

And Fabiola lives every working day with determination but, above all, with happiness. An extraordinary woman who represents the image of women’s redemption in a male-centric society, and stands out as the emblem of the high potential of an entire country, Italy, in the eyes of the world. Because Italy, thanks to the work of figures like Fabiola Gianotti, would never be reduced to a simple and unpleasant stereotype.

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