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Elisabetta Rogai: the artist who paints with wine

Great wine is an evolving artwork, never fixed“. These are the words of Emile Peynaud, considered the godfather of modern enology. The concept that intersect wine and art is the basis of the works of Elisabetta Rogai, the Florentine artist creator of “EnoArte“, a new technique using wine to paint on canvas. An innovative, but also very particular, expressive method that has aroused great interest all over the world.

Elisabetta Rogai and EnoArte: an experiment turned into a success

In history various products have been used in painting: soil, coal and much more. Nobody until now , however, had tought of wine as the perfect way to fix sensations, emotions and impressions on canvas. Elisabetta Rogai, an artist with a natural inclination to experiment, did it and now she is collecting the fruits of her curiosity and her work. EnoArte, as well as its “wine-made” paintings, was born in 2011 and it was immediately appreciated by public, critics and insiders. Rogai has received a lot of awards in recent years, including the appointment by the Municipality of Siena to paint the “Drappellone dell’Assunta” for the Palio on August 16th, 2015.

drappellone assunta siena

With this technique the artwork lives and changes over time, in other words it ages on the canvas. Time runs its course and leaves its mark on the picture. This is due to the wine treatment that she uses to paint. A treatment studied with Roberto Bianchini, professor of organic chemistry at the University of Florence: the color of brushstrokes, therefore, changes and follow its natural evolution. It starts with the typical colors of younger wines, such as purple, and it comes, depending on the type of wine used, to a completely different shade, like amber, burnt sienna and orange. “The work continues to live with a new chromatic point of view!”, as the artist likes to repeat. 

Art, for her, is always evolving. It is experimentation, confrontation and making room to her own nature. It’s a continuous research. That’s why Elisabetta Rogai is currently more and more appreciated in Italy and also in the rest of the world: Siena and Tuscany have been her starting point, but then she exhibited at the Art Gallery Supermarket in Hong Kong, China Import & Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou (China) and Interwine Fair China 2017. The future path is marked, even if with an artist like Elisabetta Rogai something’s always going on!

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