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Brunelleschi’s Dome: impossible becomes real

Florence and art: an inseparable pairing. When we think of the city’s immense beauty, or simply admire it or wonder what to see in Florence, we come up against Brunelleschi’s Dome. A sfully-fledged work of art that makes the tourists and the travelers  very excited. But also Florentine people understand its beauty whenever they look up.

Many people continue today to wonder how it was possible, with the limited technical knowledge of that time, to build a 114-metre-high dome. Brunelleschi’s Dome is still being studied by the experts in the field.

Filippo Brunelleschi, an important artist of the Renaissance Art, left a shroud of secrecy about the construction and the architectural principles that regulate this huge masterpiece. No one knows the techniques that underpins the project, as well as the phases which preceded its construction.

Its uniqueness is in its construction and we’ll never know enough about it: this sense of magic and secrecy makes this work legendary.

The only secrets that we know about the Dome concern partial aspects of the implementation. The dome was built with a double archway with a crawl space: with this method Brunelleschi was able to improve the resistance and to optimize the coverage. 

Brunelleschi’s Dome: the courage to change

A unique piece. A piece that tells the Brunelleschi’s resourcefulness, considered by many as not right for the role, and his courage and determination  to finish the construction of “Cupolone (as the people in Florence call it) despite all the difficulties. It’s also the revenge against the majority, against people who judge even before knowing other people’s capacities, and against those who pontificate without living the reality.

Instead, the courage to believe in what we do has changed the world and can keep on changing it. “Being brave” means to see an opportunity where others see a road of no return. “Being brave” means to take an opportunity and to make every effort to turn it into something concrete. “Being brave” means to have an idea and try to “build” something different.

The fear of the unknown is only a stop to our existence. Because life is a perpetual  up and down between long peaceful descents and rough climbs. Between moments of joy and moments of self-reflection. It’s exactly in those moments that decisions and choices are taken. And every choice, from the simplest to the most complex, is what ultimately defines our unique nature and way of being.

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