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Caravaggio Experience: a contemporary approach to art

An exhibition for knowing the works of the artist: this is the aim of Caravaggio Experience, that lays down Michelangelo Carrisi’s art. A contemporary approach to classic art: the right mix of innovation and tradition. 58 works, presented within 50 minutes, that let the visitor to go through a sensory experience: not only a simple visit, but a real immersion in Caravaggio’s works. The exhibition will be at “Reggia di Venaria” until 1st October 2017.

Caravaggio Experience: the project

The exhibition has a highly innovative connotation: visitors, through technology and the use of multi-projection system, will really discover this kind of experience. Especially through various suggestions. Each theme of artist’s production is treated with fullness and completeness: Light splits the darkness and shows off all the characters,  Theatrics feeds interaction between characters, situations and intentions, Places let us reflect the artist’s life in chronological order, whereas Violence exposes his anxieties and worries by telling any extreme gestures.

Caravaggio Experience is a project that opens up unthinkable paths for art, until a few years ago.  Thanks to this immersive event the audience could feel fully involved  within the area.  The organizers are also used sounds and fragrances: something completely new in art world. This experience is not, therefore, only the admiration of Caravaggio’s works. We are facing antime of very significant changes and also art needs some progress. In contemporary society each of us want to be a part of a project or an event.  It is no longer enough to be there and live passively, we want to leave a mark but also to be marked by our experiences.

And art is no exception, because it’s an experience that staggers mind and suggests. That’s why the realization of a unique project like this draws a new way. A role model, therefore, to revive art but also to rediscover it.


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