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A trademark synonymous with quality and guarantee

Market is increasingly demanding and requires always more information and certainties. Having a quality trademark which may allow to recognise and guarantee the product is essential. Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium has set itself this important aim since its foundation: the quality trademark and the guarantee label are the answer.

The Quality Trademark “Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather”

The trademark “Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned Leather” was created in 2009 with four exact purposes: certifying the Italian origin of the product, respecting environment, attesting the naturalness of leather, ensuring the high level of the process in full respect of the rule UNI 10885. We’re dealing with leather in accordance with a hard technical regulation that associated tanneries have decided to introduce. The aim is to promote the characteristics of  vegetable tanned leather a dn to have them recognized throughout the world.

Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium and its associated tanneries are the exclusive owners of this trademark and only these entities may allow their customers to use it, after subscribing a contract of license that entitles them to attached the guarantee label to their finished products.

It is an informative tag that certificates the originality and naturalness of vegetable-tanned leather supplied by our member tanneries. Each tag is progressively numbered to be easily recognised and allow the Consortium to identify both the supplying tannery and the product manufacturer at any time and all over the world. The tags are available in various multilingual versions with an Italian description translated into the most popular languages of the world.

Why the Guarantee label?

It will be an added value for the products, identifying a natural leather, ensuring the end consumer about the quality of his purchase and making him more conscious of what he buys: the prime matter used to make our vegetable-tanned leather is a harmless material both for man and the environment and our productive cycle follows the most rigorous laws to ensure the safety of human labour.


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