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Stridewise, a blog dedicated to finding the best a man can wear

Nick English is a Manhattan-based entrepreneur and writer with a passion for heirloom quality boots and clothing. Born in Australia and trained as a journalist, he has lived and worked in China, India, Kenya, France, Chile, and most recently the United States. After spending five years writing about sports and fitness in New York he launched Stridewise, a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to finding the best a man can wear. It’s like a site about high end casual apparel that’s old fashioned, unassuming, and age beautifully. 

  1. How did you discover Tuscan Veg Tan Leather?

I have a few items made with vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany, like Carl Friedrik and Grant Stone, but it was when I got a bag from Satchel & Page that the little booklet fell out telling me that this leather has been certified by the Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale. I loved it! I learned about Satchel & Page simply by reading Reddit posts about the “best leather bags for men.” They were frequently mentioned, and for good reason.

2.     Do you find the Vegetable Tanned Leather in Tuscany to be a good match for leather boots or other product in general?

I do think it’s a good match for leather boots and other products. I don’t think anyone would disagree that veg tanned leather is great for durable men’s bags and belts, but I know there are difficulties promoting it for boots. Veg tan leather is stiffer than chrome tanned and takes longer to break in, so the average person will prefer chrome tanned leather boots simply because it’s softer and more comfortable from the get go. But, personally, I think veg tan leather is great for boots because it’s more durable, it ages better, and it simply requires more skill to produce. 

3.    What do you think about the work of Consortium (Guarantee Labels, Sustainability…)

I love it! I like to think there’s a growing number of people who really care about vegetable tanned leather. It’s sad that the vast majority of leather on Earth is chrome tanned, not only because it requires less skill but also because it’s so bad for the environment. I want to see a lot more vegetable tanned leather out there, and i think the Consortium is doing great work preserving the art and tradition of this valuable product.

4.     Did you learn about it through one of the member tanneries or on Social Media?

No, I learned about it from a label that came with my Satchel & Page bag.

5.     What could be helpful, on the part of Consortium, to help you communicate with your users to make informed choices?

I’d love a mention in your online magazine, personally! I would also be happy to make a YouTube video about your Consortium — we could have a Zoom call or something and I could publish a conversation on my YouTube channel.