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The New Magazine of Consortium is online!

The new Magazine of Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium is online! It’s an editorial product organized in sections, but also a place open to conversation and interaction with the users.

The Magazine consists in 7 sections: “Editorial”, in which Consortium provides a point of view, an interpretation or a statment on a determined subject, “Consortium” where institutional information about Consortium will be published, “Signs” where the articles deal with the value of change and the traces of changing through time, “Experience” that tells the stories of personalities, objects or places that are symbol of expertise and knowledge, “Uniqueness” is the section telling stories of unique places, objects and personalities recognised as such all over the world, “Reviews” in which exhibitions, events and books  will be reviewed and “Events”, the section dedicated to  information about events organized by Consortium.

The Magazine stems from a desire to tell about us and to deal with specific subjects of contemporary culture, for example objects, personalities, heritage sites and events. The purpose is to create a thematic context for vegetable tanned leather and to develop a cultural area that translates the values of vegetable tanned leather in daily life.

The New Magazine is available here.



Via I Maggio, 82/84 – 56024 Ponte a Egola – Pisa – Italy

Phone +39 0571 485158 – Fax +39 0571 499450

Website: http://www.pellealvegetale.it

Mail: info@pellealvegetale.it

Social: Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube

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