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Young designers appreciate vegetable tanned leather

Vegetable tanned leather absorbs the traces of our life, it reveals the signs of time and it’s a personal expression of naturalness and truth. Its productive cycle ensures a low impact on the environment, thanks to the use of organic tannins during the tanning process and to the attention that the Tuscan tanneries pay on waste recycling and on water treatment.

Veg-tan leather has unique characteristics and thanks to its versatility it’s really appreciated by young designers that every year participate at “Craft The Leather”. Students that come from all over the world and that find in vegetable tanned leather a unique element.

Meri Kirjavainen defines veg-tan leather as  “an inspiring and beautiful material” and she claims to have found the most suitable material for her because her design is “simple, aesthetic and timeless”.

Eva Klabalová is satisfied with the special week spent in a beautiful monastery in San Miniato and she’s excited because she has learned a lot about the product, the vegetable tanning process and the “secret tips and tricks from the best masters of the craft”.

Also for Arnold Wrong the week spent in Tuscany was a special moment full of inspiration and ideas taken from the master craftsmen that “let us work and learn alongside them”.

Now it’s up to them, to the students that since 2012 have participated to this training project and have experienced a different “world”.  Because, as  Maria Sole Ferragamo says, “Florence and Tuscany are unique thanks to this heritage. It is a direction, a framework of ideas, talent, creativity and vision that needs to be nourished continuously. It is a reality that I deeply have at heart and I would be honoured, one day, to design new and exciting products in which these incredible people could endorse their skills, their minds and their hearts

The veg-tan leather has these characteristics: to remain exactly the same product but changing every day, to be a source of inspiration and new ideas for the new generation of designers and also allow them to show off their creativity.

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