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The color of time, the color of art: Consortium goes back to Tokyo

On November 15th, 2018, the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium will be in Japan, with the event The color of time, the color of art, to propose to the Japanese operators a whole day dedicated to vegetable tanned leather and its slow, natural chromatic change.

The aim of the event The color of time, the color of art is to provide importers, producers, designers and all those working in the leather sector, together with local journalist, a unique opportunity to learn more about vegetable tanned leather and to consolidate tje realtionship between the Consortium tanneries and their Japanese customers. The venue of the event will be, as usual, the Italian Istitute of Culture in Tokyo.

In the Exhibition Hall of the Institute there will be an installation of veg-tanned leathers, representative of the associated tanneries’ collections, along with a selection of works realized by tuscan painters who have recently exhibited at casaconcia, the headquarters of Consortium, and also a collection of leather accessories realized by the young designers participating at Craft The Leather 2017.

In the afternoon there will be a seminar addressed to the professionals. The speakers will be:

  • Simone Remi, President of Consortium;
  • Paolo Quagli, member of the Directive Board of Consortium;
  • Gustavo Adrián Defeo, expert in analytical chemistry and color physics for industry and owner of the analytical laboratory  Ars Tinctoria.

As usual the seminar will close with a press conference for the local press.


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